Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Great minds think alike...

... and fools never differ!

Apparently, my egg-centric (sic) Madeleine, has spurned interest hitherto unfathomed. Venerable egg-sperts (re-sic) have last week decided that... TA-DAAAA: THE EGG CAME FIRST

However, sorting out philosophical and biological questions is very well, but do they even know how to poach an egg? I rest my case. And I'm glad to say that I am using fewer egg-related puns than CNN journalists.

PS: thanks to Dad who always reads EVERYTHING in the news, for making me aware of this life-altering 'discovery'

Je n'ai pas tout lu l'article (trop long!...)
Et je ne voudrais pas remettre ça sur le tapis ni être désagréable mais je ne suis pas sûre que the egg came first! Non...non...non
Et pourquoi ce ne serait pas la poule ?
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