Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Madeleine Challenge - Time for Gunfight @ Egg Corral

Thank you to Baronne and her mum for getting the recipe to me over the long (but not long enough!) weekend. Not long enough, as time is always too short when Husband and I spend time in Auvergne with my parents, relaxing, BBQing and being spoilt as usual. So thank you to my parents as well, of course.

Now to amy part of the Challenge...

As I (briefly) mentioned in my previous post, I am terrified at the thought of poaching an egg. Those of you who know me might be surprised that I willingly volunteer information that I might be scared of anything at all, but there you are. And no, I don't fear fear itself. I have just never succeeded in poaching an egg. Ever. So the time has come. It's me or the egg! And I've got more hair, 2 arms and 2 legs, so I should stand a fair chance, don't you think?

I have tried the "leave the eggs out of the fridge 24 hours before" rule, the "create a whirlpool in the water before you crack the egg in" policy and even the "buy this stupid gadget and your eggs will be perfectly poached" scam. To no avail. So there is only one thing left to do this time: buy the freshest eggs around, but unfortunately, that means waiting for my weekly foodie fix at Borough Market. On Saturday. Which means 4 'sleeps' before attempting this daunting Madeleine. Did I hear someone say procrastination?

Meanwhile, I will be busy translating the recipe received and you could all maybe be so kind as to leave somme comments with fool-proof egg-poaching suggestion. 'Egg poaching for Dummies. " Or Dummy, in this case.

i heard that your parents felt beeing spoilt!!!
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