Monday, May 01, 2006


Welcome to the Madeleines Project!

No, my name is not Madeleine. The Madeleine in this blog is a cake, a small shell-shaped French cake eaten at tea-time or 'Quatre heures' when children come home from school (I don't know if French children still come home from school at 4 pm, but bear with me). In my case, I used to eat them with my grand-father on road trips. And road-trips since then are incomplete without them.

So is this a blog about tea cakes? No, far from it. The Madeleine in the title is someone else's: Marcel Proust's, to be precise. And they are in plural. In
'A la recherche du temps perdu', the main character experiences reliving childhood memories, by biting into a madeleine cake. Long forgotten, but cherished memories.

And this is where the 'project' part comes into play: my ambition is to take you on a trip down my very own sensory and gastronomical memory lane. Around every twist and turn. And dead end. Up the hill to gaze over yet another forgotten landscape. Round the bend for a new surprise, unearthed as I was looking for something else entirely. Will you join me? Still not sure? I guess you want to know where we are going... Well, I'm afraid I simply cannot say. We will go to exotic and far-away countries, as that is where I have lived. But our trip will also take us to colder climes and maybe even to countries I have yet to visit. I think it sounds exciting! Still not enough to entice you? You want hard facts...

Let me see... It's a bit like the chicken and the egg, I think. I will probably start with one dish, tell you of what it reminds me, and try to recreate the exact taste. Most probably with some help from friends and family, if they happen to be the owners of the recipe. If not, I will have to put my trust in my tastebuds and my culinary skills. And Google. And my mum. One recipe might trigger more taste memories, or I'll have to wait (and you along with me) until the next epiphany.

I'll give it a try, and I really think you should too. Who knows, you might even pick up a tasty recipe along the way...

1st stop on the Madeleines Express is: "Kim-Chee UN Style". So now you know what I will be up to in my kitchen until the next posting.

Love the project! And I'm in, probably with a few of those tastes from places yet to visit. Looking forward to the next log entry!
Bon, pour ne rien te cacher, je n'ai pas TOUT compris de ta prose, mais c'est un début très prometteur !
Pour en rien louper, je te mets tout de suite dans mes favoris !
A quand le blog bilingue ;-)
Moi aussi j'suis un peu larguée mais en prennant mon temps je vais y arriver !!!
Bienvenue chez nous !!
Desole, mais j'ai vraiment la flemme de formuler des phrases en anglais, donc je suis l'exemple des autres.
Bonne chance pour ton blog.
Interesssant, og ikke minst, vi oppdaget denne enkle måten å lage blogg på. Vi gikk straks til verket. Resultatet ser du på Der står det også om Charroux. Dit kommer vi den 17. juni for å leie et av de deilige husene, som vanlig. Vi gleder oss. Hilsen Nina og Finn.
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